Moya Ghost: On Sale Now!

My new figure, Moya Ghost, is now on sale! It’s name, “Moya,” is the Japanese word for “haze.” He’s about 3 1/2 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches long, and made out of solid white resin.

The original figure was hand-sculpted, then used to make a silicone mold. This mold was then filled with liquid resin and cast under high pressure while serenaded with a pan flute to remove any imperfections. Each figure was then carefully sanded and painted by hand.

Each one comes packaged in a decorative box adorned with an imprint from a hand-carved stamp and features a padded cloth interior.

Moya ghost is being released in a very limited run of 20, and they cost 40 USD each. Get yours now in the Shop!

Check out the photos below, and see more in the Shop.


moya-ghost-12 moya-ghost-8 moya-ghost-2 moya-ghost-3 moya-ghost-4